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1. Examination results will be communicated to children in their Report / Assessment cards. Pupils absent from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined.

2 . Pupils find copying or using any unfair means will be seriously dealt with and will not be given any grade / marks for that particular examination.

3. Application for verification of grade / marks in special cases will be consider at the discretion of Principal when answer papers may be inspected of the Principal.

4 . Promotion of pupils from one class to another at the end of the academic year will be based on his / her work throughout the year.

5. To be promoted in the next higher class student should acquire the qualifying mark in all the subjects in the year end examinations in a single attempt as per CBSE norms.

6. Consideration will be given for the record of class work, assignments, project works, subject enrichment activities, portfolios and art integration projects.

7. If a pupil is unable to appear for the whole or part of an examination for a valid reason, his/her case will be considered or reviewed o the strength of the years unit test performance, assignments and submission of project work recorded by a special committee.



1. Class I to VIII - Results will be prepared on the basis of rules framed by CBSE. Attendance less than optimal level of mandatory attendance and inability to cope with the syllabus resulting in low grades in assessments may result in detention in the same class, after mutual consent of parents and school authorities. It is mandatory for every student to appear in all assessments prescribed by school for the particular class.

2. Class IX - For promotion to the higher class, it is mandatory for student to appear for all the formal assessments score at least 33% marks in all examinable subjects as well as in aggregrate and have an optimal level of mandatory attendance.

3. Class X - As per the CBSE promotion policy.

4. Class XI - For promotion to the next higher class, it is  mandatory for student to appear for all the formal assessments score at least 33% marks in all examinable subjects as well as in aggregrate, seperately in both theory and practical assessments and have an optimal level of mandatory attendance.

5. Criterion for Class XII - As per CBSE promotion policy.

Proficiency Certificates:

1 . For Classes IV to X : Will be awarded subject wise to the students who have secured 90% attendance in the session.

2. For Classes XI to XII : Will be awarded to the students who has secured above 85% in individual examinable subjects in the annual consolidated result and more than 90% attendance in the session.